Author: Jocelyn

Our Off-Grid Capable Housing Subdivision

In 2019, we began putting together the final designs for our first housing subdivision development.  The first house, shown below was inspired by simple, but robust Nordic designs that I had been researching for a period of time. . The subdivision overview: Our subdivision which was conditionally approved on May 5th, 2022 and our subdivision […]

Mercury Poisoning in the Grassy Narrows First Nation

The below is a research paper I authored while attending engineering at the U of M.  I am posting it for the general public to have access to information on Grassy Narrows all in one place. The Ongoing Impact of Mercury Poisoning in the Community Introduction In 1873, the sovereign Ojibway nation known today as […]

How do you fight against Government bullying successful businesses?

This last week, there has been a lot of talk in the news cycles about the Liberal Government’s desire to “save” SNC Lavalin, a large Canadian employer.  But that desire to invest in business is nowhere near equal across the board.  Instead, its about who you know, and how do you get the inside track? […]


Sundance Construction has incorporated as of July 21st, 2015. The new company name is Sundance Construction & Safety Consulting Inc.



COR Certification

Sundance Construction & Safety Consulting received COR Certification from CSAM today. It is the industry seal of approval for the attention to the safety of Sundance employees and of every Sundance worksite and will allow Sundance to bid on government contracts. The certification process started with the building of rock solid safety program, plenty of […]



Construction Safety Officers

Today both Jocelyn Burzuik and Rod Howardson have been awarded their Construction Safety Officer designation from the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba. The list of requirements for this designation includes the successful completion of a complete safety audit, a number of safety courses and providing proof of safety related work completed. The final step in […]