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Jocelyn Burzuik

President, NCSO and Senior Construction Manager

Jocelyn Burzuik’s career as a project management professional began with work on civil infrastructure, water and sewer pipeline projects, breakwater and wharf repairs and reconstruction, sewage and water treatment plants, sewage lagoon construction, and lift stations. A diverse background with Ontario Specialty Contracting (OSC), Western Specialty Contracting (WSC) and Newton Mechanical Electrical Inc. brings years of varied experience to Sundance Construction & Safety Consulting Inc.

Jocelyn’s project history includes, but is not limited to, the Norway House New Sewage Lagoon Project with a value of 11.4 million, the Wasagaming Sewage Lagoon upgrades Phase 2 and 3 with a value of 9.2 million, Grand Rapids Phase 2 Sewer and Water Expansion with a contract value of 4.3 million, and a MB Hydro Design-Build Water Treatment Plant at Keewatinoow with a value of 4.4 million. Her work with the Canadian Reserves and Gimli Harbour Authority also brings experience with business management, resource management, safety consulting services and value added engineering solutions.

At present, Jocelyn is also an engineering student at the University of Manitoba through the ENGAP program (Engineering Access for Aboriginal, Metis, and Inuit students across Canada).  She is also a National Construction Safety Officer, and auditor.

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Anthony Imlah

Electrical and Mechanical Site Superintendent

Anthony Imlah and Jocelyn Burzuik have lead the company since its start up in 2013. Anthony has been a Red Seal Electrician for 28 years, working residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sites. With an extensive knowledge of civil, mechanical and electrical construction. Anthony has a strong background in mechanical systems, building construction and also holds the equivalent designation of a journeyman carpenter.

Anthony’s work has included commercial electrical installations on water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, gas stations both remote and local, and lift stations.  His ability to troubleshoot systems, and complete both tear downs and repairs on those systems allows a client to get the best value for the client budget.  In an emergency setting, there is not much that he cannot fix. His diverse background also includes years spent in the pulp industry, and remote firefighting in northern Alberta.

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John Lapierre

Building Superintendent

As a journeyman carpenter, John brings over 25 years of solid building experience to Sundance Construction. His background as a commercial fisherman, and builder has helped him bring a strong sense of organization, time management and work ethic to the Sundance Construction team.

John has completed multiple projects with Manitoba Housing in both local and northern/remote settings.  He has a solid background in residential building/renovations, and commercial building projects. For residential projects, John is experienced in leveling, foundation repairs, exterior siding including metal siding, roofing including metal roof installations, and interior renovations and finishes.

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Box 378
Sandy Hook, MB R0C 2W0
(204) 389-5298 office
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